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Solar Eclipse

Shadow Side Leadership Summit

A Free Virtual Event

with Monthly Meetups,
Powerful Presentations &
An Annual Summit not to be missed


Register now to get access to all of it.

Embrace your SHADOW to strengthen your LIGHT.

Connect with and nurture every part of who you are

to become who you've always wanted to be.

The Podcast Series

Inspiring interviews and mic-drop wisdom bombs with the most heart-centered and mission-driven leaders I know. (5).png (7).png (9).png (6).png (8).png (1).png

Our Stories

Connection ● Joy ● Momentum ● Impact

Every leader worth remembering has gone through the fire and the quiet crucible of their own internal challenges in order to emerge, not as a person that rid themselves of the thing, but as a person with the courage and strength to love the thing and to love those still learning how. This is the heart not only of true connection and humanity, but of a leadership path worth walking.


                                                     Are you ready to join us?

We host monthly meetups inside this group with powerful presentations, opportunities for fun connections with new friends and an annual summit that is not to be missed! 

Replays of all event presentations and summit materials are made available inside the private community as they are released and you get immediate access when you sign up. 


                                                             Register Here! 



Day 1

Friday: Noon - 3:00 pm (PST)
Nurturing Connection

1 / Nurturing Connection Through Your Divine Energy & Identity

2 / Expanding Your Connection Through Nervous System Regulation
3 / Embodiment & Sensuality in Business
4 / How To Champion Yourself Through The Challenges
5 / Closing Exercise (Q&A - Live Coaching)

1 / Becoming A Joy Finder

2 / Melting Resentment
3 / Building Secure Self Worth
4 / Forgiving Yourself When You Get It Wrong
5 / Closing Exercise (Q&A - Live Coaching)

Day 2

Saturday: Noon - 3:00 pm (PST)
Allowing Joy

Day 3

Sunday: Noon - 3:00 pm (PST)
Creating Momentum

1 / Unlocking Momentum: The Power of The Unconscious Mind

2 / The Essential Art of Imperfection

3 / How To Celebrate Even When & No Matter What
4 / Turning Drama into Empowerment
5 / Closing Exercise (Q&A - Live Coaching)

Meet Your Coaches/Presenters

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