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Robin Keesler

Helping high performing women stop binging 

& start feeling in control of their choices with food.

Binge eating is one of the most painful behavior patterns that high performing women experience.


It chips away not only at our energy levels and our ability to focus on our work, but it cuts deeply into our self image.


With a shame so heavy we don’t think anyone could possibly understand. 


We tell ourselves that we want to quit and that we hate this stupid food addiction.


But the truth is, we are often terrified to let it go because of how vulnerable and alone we would feel without it.


"What would I turn to if I didn’t have this?"


On top of that, it's scary to even consider trying to stop because we’ve tried before - so many times - and nothing ever works.


The pain of having one more failed attempt under our belts just feels intolerable.


The disappointment of that would just be too painful and no one wants to put themselves through that.


We’ve done everything the experts say to do.


We’ve done all the nutrition stuff and added in all the healthy proteins and fats to curb the cravings


We’ve gone to therapy and done all the emotional processing a human could possibly handle.


We’ve learned about nervous system regulation and we’ve tried tapping and breathwork and yoga and meditation and exercise to get rid of stress. 

The list goes on and on but it doesn’t really matter because none of that stuff actually works anyway!


It may help a little here and there but we always end up relapsing back into binging again. 


When those cravings come (and they always do) they are so strong and so intense it's like we are being hijacked by some invisible force that is suddenly controlling our bodies.


We can see our feet moving toward the fridge but we can’t find any trick or tactic in the world that would help us be able to stop what is about to happen.


It's not even conscious.


There is no pause button.


There is no processing.


It's like it just happens and before you know it you are waking up from a trance with a belly ache and a mountain of shame and regret that you know all too well.


And, of course, with a chorus of cruel voices in your head saying “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you do that? You are such a disaster. There is no help for you.” 


The shame often causes us to withdraw from others and start to isolate from the world.


We might find ourselves in a tail spin of trying to outrun the impending depression. 


Online shopping, overspending, signing up for self help programs we never finish and a variety of other things that take even more of our time, money and energy in an attempt to make ourselves feel better.


Google searching everything you can think to type in, countless hours on tik tok and IG scrolling, to find that ever elusive answer for how to stop binging. 


We may try to make up for what just happened with crash dieting, willpower and throwing away all the sugar, carbs and junk food and vowing again that we are only going to eat broccoli and kale from now on. 


We re-commit. 


Only to have the ugly monster rear her head again in a few weeks and we repeat the cycle. Leaving us feeling even more hopeless and defeated then ever.


It sucks.


I can’t tell you how many times I have repeated this cycle and how many times I have begged God and the universe to just show me the fucking answer for how to stop living this way.


It is so painful and it is not the truth of who we are or the life we came here to live. We know that deep in our soul.


So many clients have told me in desperation “This is not who I am!”


I know exactly what she means.

You are ready to stop fucking around with gurus and experts that provide rational solutions that sound good but that never actually deliver.


It’s always the same old shit. And none of it ever solves the actual problem - whatever the fuck the actual problem is, because no one seems to know. 


If someone could just help you figure this out you’d do whatever it takes. The scary part is that fear that we all carry deep down inside of us that thinks “maybe the reason nothing ever works is because there is no solution.” The fear that I might just be like this forever and that maybe I am simply beyond help. 


Listen up, my friend. I get it. I have been there. Shit, sometimes I still visit that land of doom and gloom and “maybe I’m just too broken.” But that is not actually the truth. That is just your fear talking. 


And it's okay that it is here. It makes sense that it believes that. Given our past experiences and everything we have been through. It would be more weird if we didn’t have just a pessimistic outlook at times. But just because that is something we fear does not mean that it is going to be our reality. And just because our past experiences have shown us one thing, that does not mean that our future does not hold something so much brighter and so much more empowering. 


This is what you need to understand for now. The problem is not you and the problem is also not the things that you have been trying. You aren’t actually doing anything wrong. In fact, you have been doing everything right. Using the right tools, experimenting with some really great modalities for healing. The problem is not that the tools are wrong or that they don’t work. The problem is that we are not using the tools the way that they need to be used for our unique situation.


Check out this free library of amazing resources to help you get started stepping into your most powerful, on fire, in love, changing the world, version of you. 

This work changed everything for me, and I am honored to be a part of your journey as you continue to grow into everything you are destined to become.

Thank you for trusting me with your time. I hope this free class serves you as powerfully as it did me.

In love and gratitude,​


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